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4 Backyard BBQ Wedding Bash Ideas that Make Social Distancing Better.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

How to hold a hit wedding reception, have a hot dance floor and hashtag, adhere to social distance happiness.  

Have guests heap praise on you, hold you in high esteem for being clever, capable and clearly an astute couple

Being outside in these CONVID-19 times makes us much better off.

The summer months are not far from us. Wedding planning can be smart.

Why not plan for a Backyard BBQ Wedding Bash. Outdoors can be big. We are much safer outdoors in the fresh summer air.

1/Well placed wine barrels outdoors in your backyard can be a winner. The warmer months are approaching. 2/Combined with excellent event umbrellas.

Wine Barrels, Barrel Bar, Confetti Picture, Event Umbrellas, Bespoke Event Hire Melbourne. Sparklers Robert at Remarkable Receptions.

3/Add Festoon lights and it means things can be safe, fun and fabulous

Festoon Lights Bespoke Event Hire Melbourne.

 Have a mid-afternoon and into early evening blowout. It can be amazing. The DJ can pump the music and it wont worry the neighbours

4/Add to your picturesque event some sparklers and confetti. Hey, venues won’t let you throw confetti, but it’s your backyard, so throw confetti or anything you want.   Guests can dance around and near the wine barrels. Guests do not have to congregate on a dance floor.

Picture Buzzing Events QLD. Equipment available in Melbourne from Bespoke Event Hire.

The sound system will sound like a mini outdoor festival with clear crystal sound that will create energy.

Finally we need a wonderful Wedding Cake to Make the day.

In the backyard with a BBQ or spit, you are in control. Having it commence at midday or late afternoon with a defined finish time, will mean we won't have a run in with the neighbours. You'll save a lot of money and will have an unforgettable day.

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