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Impress with the Dress...

Create an impact when you walk in the reception door for your first event together as Husband and Wife.

Your Grand Entrance to your reception, the second entrance, the first was the ceremony, gives everyone another chance to see your dress, your man, and the wedding parties attire in action.


You'll look a million dollars.   


Most waste this moment. 


When we meet, I'll show you a unique way of creating a Grand Entrance for you and your Wedding Party that is an exuberant five Star rollick.


How you start your event will set the tone for the entire wedding reception.

Also, what is free in life is laughter.

Let me introduce you to some unique brief smile-maker interactives that you can choose, and we use to engage guests over dinner. 


While short, the interactives are fun, and your friends won't have to struggle with small talk.


You'll be a legend.