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Your story of, where, when, how, should be told at your reception, not at your ceremony. Why?


Folks run late. As many as forty percent of guests don't make the ceremony surveys show us. Guests are nervous. They are not warmed up. Your story is essential, and as a standalone experience during the reception, the experience is enhanced.


Picture your Love Story narrated professionally to all your guests, not only the few who make the ceremony, as a lead into your first dance together as husband and wife.  Using words, we recreate the imagery of your lives that brought you to this point. As your love story concludes, the first sweep of music washes over you all, and you begin your first dance together as husband & wife.

                                                        The experience is emotional for everyone.


You will be one of a few couples from around the world who have this experience. It's an exclusive experience.


Before a dance step or a wiggling hip, guests have been on a fun-filled emotional ride from the moment you walked in the door. Your reception is already a hit, and then the dancing begins. You tell me what music you want to hear and dance to, I add a little sauce of my own, and away we go. 


We fulfill the promise of excellent entertainment from entrance to exit.