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Your story of, where, when, how, should be told at your reception, not at your ceremony. Why? Many run late. Guests are nervous. They are not warmed up. Your story should be told as a standalone experience.


Told so that your guests, some of whom only know you as a third party, come to get to know you. Your story is like a movie with its highs and lows and funny bits, music and sound bites. 


                                                                          Best of all it's a true story


You will be only one of a few couples from around the world who have this experience. 


We do all this before a dance step is taken. Your reception is already a hit, and then the dancing begins. You tell me what you want to hear and dance to, I add a little sauce of my own and away go. 


We plan so that you leave a lasting impression. 

2020 Robert at Remarkable Receptions