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Wedding Couple-Brides Maids

Win More Hearts

You'll live in your guest's hearts and minds when, during planning, we collect the facts of your lives and pour them into a true story of what happened.

Guests & friends are thrilled to hear your story. You may think they know it,  most actually do not. We call it your "Love Story"

Picture your "Love Story" narrated professionally to all your guests with music & sound, as a lead into your first dance together as husband and wife.  Like a princess & her beau, your story will melt hearts.


As the narrative of your romance and relationship concludes, the first chords of your song sweep across the room; you begin your first dance together like a fairytale as husband & wife.

The experience is emotional for you and everyone.


You will be one of a few couples from around the world who have this signature encounter.


Before a dance step or a wiggling hip has taken place, guests have been on a fun-filled emotional ride from the moment you walked in the door.


Your reception is already a hit, and then the dancing begins. 


We fulfill the promise of excellent entertainment from entrance to exit.